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Anni Poska, piano: Clair de Lune
Anni Poska, piano

Anni is a classical pianist who has studied for the last couple of years in Weimar, Germany. She obtained her Master degree at the Hochschule Franz Liszt Weimar in February 2015. Anni comes from Estonia and has also completed her studies at the Estonian Academy for Music and Theatre (studying with Aleksandra Juozapenaite-Eesmaa and Ivari Ilja). She has been performing in Germany and Estonia as a soloist, chamber musician and accompanist. Anni is a passionate piano teacher who has a lot of experience teaching private students and in music schools. She loves to work with pupils with different characters and piano playing skills.

Anni doesn't yet speak perfect Finnish but because of her mother tongue belonging to the same language family and her musician hearing she will probably improve her language skills quickly. After all, music is an universal language everyone understands. Anni teaches in German, English and Estonian.